Monday, December 24, 2007

Spot The Killy III

In which Killy finds my teeny tiny laptop bag and plonks his bulky cat body into it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

ornithoptera alexandrae

the thyroid is a butterfly
-shaped gland at the base
of the neck

mine is a Queen
Alexandria’s Birdwing
with a wingspan
the length of a ruler

three months or years ago
the trouble started life
as a tiny larva
safe within the poison
of the host plant it grew
and swelled and took the poison
into itself

upon hatching
its first act was to eat
its own shell

its second
to start on me

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spot the Killy II

Hello. I have been ill ill ill, and bored. Today I started making myself a cardboard puppet theatre so I could do a show for the cat. Unfortunately cutting through the thick cardboard with a pair of blunt scissors only set off my rsi and didn't make much of an impact on the box. I really need to get a craft knife, but I am broke too. Killy wasn't too interested in the puppet I made of him, either. Booo.

Anyway, the point of that story is that I was so bored that sketched the Killy. This is from a photo, the living Killy would never stay still long enough for an amateur artist like me to sketch. I've never drawn a cat before, only people, so I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. It's recognisably Killy, even though I made the eye too small and the stripe next to the eye too long to compensate. The scan isn't great either and the original looks much better, but the wonderful Ellie McKitchen Wench adjusted the scan to look sort of normal, which it didn't before. Thanks matey!

By the way, you can click the above picture to see it bigger, though the lines are very harsh when you do.

I'll probably try a sketch of the boyfriendcreature's cat next. After I finish my puppet theatre.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spot the Killy

I'm in a bit of a snit with life, so I haven't really been updating this blog because it's supposed to be about my life. But here's some more cat for your dollar.

Spot the Killy:

Monday, August 27, 2007

More cat for Aunty Kant

I have inertia and facebook has been draining my life essence, so this isn't a proper post, really, but Aunty Kant asked for more cat, and so she will get it.

For those of you that don't know, this is my cat, Killy. He is my Killox. My Killbot. My Killb't McSillb't McDrillb't. My Centicat. My special furry man.

And here he is with another special man, who is a little furry, especially around the face, but is not as furry as many other men, and certainly not as furry as a cat.

And here Killy is trying to get away from the special man because the special man is rather scary-looking. Which is why I have put him on the internet.

And here are videos:

Proper update when I've had more sleep.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I think I have a special cat radar. When I'm out walking and there's a cat about, I get a tingly sort of feeling in a certain part of my spine, which sets me on the look-out for feline activity. Because of this, I've met a lot of cats. Here's one of them.

This is Puss. Puss lives on my route home from the train station, or at least I think he does. I'm not actually sure that he really lives at the house where I often find him, just like I'm not sure that he's a he at all. I am sure of Puss's name, though, as I met a human that knew it, but that's about all I know of his Cat Stats. I do know, however, that Puss is crazy affectionate; he is a veritable sooky mclovecat*. (And he has a bell shaped like Nemo round his neck, which you can just barely see in the photo.)

In March, almost every time I passed that way, Puss used to bound out to greet me, rub himself around my legs, snoof** everything in sight (including the mud? very strange), and then follow me a little way down the street. After March I didn't see him for months and months, but he turned up yesterday!

I was on the other side of the street when my cat senses started tingling, and I saw a feline silhouette in the distance. I saw it dart through the fence as I approached, and because of this behaviour I thought it was a cat I'd never met before. But as I got closer, it started to take the familiar shape of Puss, though he was stalking through the yard and behaving in a most un-Puss-like manner. So I said "Puss!" in surprise, and he looked at me for a moment, then loped up to me, and proceeded to snoof me and my bag like there was no tomorrow:

* Sooky Mclovecat (noun): A big old softie cat that's feeling complain-y and whingey, and is needy and affectionate because of it.

**Snoof (verb, trans. intrans.): to kiss like a cat, i.e. to affectionately headbutt or rub the side of your mouth against someone or something.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Famous Quotes

Me: How will you get to your interview?
Bf: Super-powers. Up, up and away! Actually, by train.
Me: Your super-power is the metropolitan train system?

Me: Wow, when people are extinct there will be so much stuff everywhere, or maybe not actually, building bits and stuff might be recycled.
Bf: Yep! And it'll all be dirty!
Me: And crumbling! And full of the animals.
Bf: Because there won't be any housekeepers!
Me: ??
Bf: And the animals will be like: "Blah blah, I'm a human!, look at my tie, I'm so important, I'm eating your cousin for dinner!"